Unspoiled nature, pristine waters, golden sand, pebbled waterfronts and the ever-stupendous Cycladic landscape constitute the essence of Kythnos beauty. The island has ninety-two magnificent beaches of unparalleled beauty that dot Kythnos shoreline. It goes without saying that most of the island’s beaches aren’t organized, so you'd better carry an umbrella with you. 
The flagship beach of the island is the prominent Kolona beach. North of the harbour of Merichas, a stripe of sandy land connects Kythnos with the rocky islet of St. Luke, resulting in an amalgam of two beaches whetted by the sea. Immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters and lounge in its heavenly ambiance. You can get there either by boat, water taxi or car. Don’t be discouraged by the rough dirt road; this magnificent beach will really reward you. 
Unlike its perpetual antagonist, namely Kolona, Apokrousi beach offers easy access to its magnificent sandy shore. The sparkling waters reflect the copious sunlight while the vibrant seabed offers the ideal playground for snorkeling. The small gulf of Apokrousi provides mesmerizing views to the golden hues of bare hills that merge with the Aegean blue. Here you can conveniently find tamarisks and sit under their shade.
One of the renowned beaches on Kythnos is Lefkes beach, located on the eastern side of the island, close to Dryopida. In a unique setting, Lefkes beach is quite large with glossy pebbles that adorn the seabed. Snorkel aficionados will adore this canvas of sleek blue hues, while the shoreline is dotted with pebbles and sand. The trees offer bounteously thick shadows to families that visit this serene retreat. If you are seeking a place to spend a relaxing day and have a picnic, this is the ideal destination to unwind in leisurely moments. 
On the southeastern coast of the island lies the Skylou beach. Fine white sand and pebbles cover the 250 meters of the shore, shaping a heavenly scenery. This refuge boasts crystal clear waters to enjoy swimming. It’s unlikely to find many people on the beach but the same goes for the shade; only at the rear of the beach you can find a place to hide from the sun. 
For those who are seeking fun in a unique scenery, Agios Sostis is a beach of incomparable beauty that can keep you entertained all day long. Scuba diving lovers swarm every year to experience the majestic seabed. Sand and pebbles crown the beach while there are some trees to lay under their shade. This isolated haven lies at island's northern end and is named after the nearby chapel. Due to its convenient orientation, it offers protection from the ever-blowing Aegean winds.
Kythnos showcases an amazing collection of fantastic beaches, all delivering deep emotions of joy to the holidaymakers.
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