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Just one hour and forty minutes (1:40) away from the port of Lavrion and three hours away from the port of Piraeus lies the pristine heaven, situated between Kea and Serifos islands. Kythnos is a part of the West Cyclades featuring remarkable beauty that incorporates all the fantastic Cycladic elements. 
Just a five-minute walk from the island's picturesque capital; Chora Kythnos Suites stands bathed in the glaring sun of the Aegean. Our premises stand graciously, providing unobstructed vistas to the mesmerizing Cycladic setting, while our guests enjoy easy access to island’s best beaches.
The island of Kythnos encompasses the world-famous Cycladic architecture with its maze-like paved footpaths and the narrow alleys adorned by dazzling arches. A melange of whitewashed hues and celestial miracles merge in an appealing canvas. The capital also provides amenities such as restaurants, shops and supermarkets. At night you’ll find yourself surrounded by Kythnos’s lively nightlife. At the central square, the visitor can rest, sipping on traditional ouzo.
Close to our hotel, visitors can find the quaint settlement of Dryopida, approximately eight kilometers away from Chora Kythnos. Sheltered between two hills, Dryopida is mostly popular for its amazing Katafiki cave -the biggest in the Cyclades- and its distinct architecture that escapes from the typical Cycladic patterns. Two story buildings with tile comprise most of the village, captivating visitors sight. While strolling around you will come across the Byzantine Museum housed in the church of St. George, the Folklore Museum and the lonely windmills, a bit outside from Dryopida’s center. 
The island’s helipad provide a convenient transport to our guests. You can use the public bus or taxi to get there; upon request, we provide transfer -subject to a fee- to and from the heliport and the port.
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