Kythnos is a haven for both adventure lovers and those who want to indulge in the island's laid-back atmosphere. Fun-packed activities can’t escape from your bucket list. Kythnos offers the perfect playground. Pump up your adrenaline with thrilling water-based sports or opt for our hiking routes. The island boasts the best hiking paths in the Cyclades. Explore the unique landscape and find yourself surrounded by the remarkable setting.
Discover the magnitude of the vibrant seabed. Soon you’ll find out why the outstanding beaches are on a par with the sea bottom. Just ask our team of experts to make the arrangements for a diving trip or a scuba diving experience.
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Delve into Kythnos cultural landmarks with a visit to the stoned built churches that show off the coloured roof tiles and windows. Agia Triada is located in the capital of Kythnos. The interior houses preserved ancient inscriptions and sculptures. Other notable churches are Agios Georgios, one of the oldest temples on the island, situated in Katakefalo. Panagia Kanala church is placed in the homonym village. It hosts one of the most famous pilgrimage sites of the Cyclades, which is quite famous for its icon of the Virgin Mary.
Loutra is a popular location among visitors due to its thermal springs. The waters are very rich in minerals and it’s believed that they have healing properties. Reaching a temperature up to 52° Celsius, the hot waters merge with the Aegean sea creating a steaming spectacle. 
Kythnos is also famous for its caves. While on the island you should definitely visit the Katafiki Cave. Used as an iron mine till 1939, the cave captivates the visitors' attention with its stalagmites and rock formations.
The Castle of Oria is a prestigious cultural landmark; walls and ruins attest to the importance of the island’s previous capital.
The Archaeological Site of Vriokastro is quite reputable. The Folklore and the Byzantine Museum are both located in Driopida. The first hosts significant folk art objects and traditional uniforms while the latter exhibits ecclesiastical items such as gospels, golden crosses and holy icons.
With so much to see and admire, Kythnos has something for everyone.
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